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Dr Lee Keun Tae 10th Dan My mentor since 1983, who saw me through from 4th Dan to my current grade of 7th Dan. I met Dr Lee through the twinning of Broxtowe with the German city of Gutersloh.

Grandmaster Helmut Schram 7th Dan Studied under Dr Lee Keun Tae, I met him through the world martial arts federation and we both competed at the 1998 world championships in Seol, Korea.

Ralf Bartzsch Studied under Dr Lee, developed his own martial arts system of Bachi-Ki-Do

Mohamed Farih 5th Dan Studied under Dr Lee.

Latino Dragon Studied under Grandmaster Helmut Schram. I met him at the 2000 championships.

South African National Tae Kwon Do Federation I graded Dean Valentine up to 1st Dan in 1997 and then subsequently visited him in South Africa in 1998 to promote him again to 2nd Dan

ashihara Met in 1983 and visited in 1984

Master Meiko Yuen Based in Duisburg, Germany teaching Kung Fu/Qi Gong/Kick Thai Boxing /Tae Kwon Do/Hap Ki Do

Grandmaster Micheal Zuk Grandmaster Micheal Zuk and family Recklinghausen, Germany

Budo Stars
Hapkido Sugi Do-Jang, South Korea
World TaeKwonDo Federation
Sport-Akademie Dr. Pettker
Afghan TaeKwonDo Federation
Kukkiwon - World TaeKwonDo HeadQuarters
Chiang Mai Olympia - Muay Thai Boxing