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Kung Fu

Kung Fu is the result of 3000 years of Chinese fighting arts.

Master Vohra demonstrating kung fu, click here to see a bigger version of this picture

Kung Fu, literally means hard work, or fighting art and is a combination of artistic hand techniques, dynamic foot techniques, flying jump techniques, and mental discipline.

There are many styles of Kung Fu, and all will develop your internal and external strength. Suppleness of upper and lower limbs plays a large part of Kung Fu, and stretching excercises will increase your agility, flexibility and general suppleness.

At Grand Master Vohras Academy - we teach:

Shaolin Se Suin Chen Mermin Dang Lang Kung Fu

This is the ten animal style:-

Snake, Tiger, Panther, Monkey, Eagle, Crane, Lion, Bear, Horse and Dragon

With the edition of Mermin Dang Lang - the Praying Mantis

This hails directly from the teachings of Dr Lee Keun Tae, 10th Dan

Students practicing the low stances used in Kung Fu
Students practicing kung fu animal styles
Master Vohra demonstrating a flying kick, click for a larger image