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Kids Taekwondo

Parents! Learning a martial art? Help, to keep your kids safe. Why not also give them the power that comes with self confidence, discipline and a fit body. Learning Taekwondo will help your children gain this power. They will also learn to become more aware of difficult or dangerous situations, as well as how to diffuse a confrontation such as Bullying.

Good role models can be hard to find in schools, and the teaching here, will be aimed at a positive I CAN, I WILL, I DO. Your kids will become stronger, fitter and more respectful to other people and will grow up to become healthy, well balanced, young adults.

I teach kids from as young as I feel the child can benefit. This is often as young as three, but obviously differs with individuals. I encourage team-work as well as individual effort, and feel gratified when I see youngsters taking responsibility for themselves and other, newer or less able kids.

Above all, childrens lessons fun! They learn in short bursts interspersed with beneficial exercises, which maximises their short term concentration levels.